Importants of your personal statement when applying to university or higher education

When applying to university it is vital you get your personal statement right! Being the most important part of your application, you must take your time when writing the statement. We have several samples to help you write or to help you get inspiration when writing your personal statement. There is a few key things you must remember when writing the overall statement and doing your application. The format, style, grammar, spelling and content are all important factors to consider when writing it.

The format should be clear, concise and flow properly with a beginning, middle containing your main selling points and what you have done to prove your commitment and dedication to your subject. The format of your personal statement should include a conclusion highlighting why you want to study your chosen subject.

The style should be a good mix of colloquial with formal, showcasing your personality but not being too casual at the same time. This is often difficult to achieve and you may need to seek some professional guidance.

The grammar and spelling should be impeccable with no mistakes. It is best to get this professionally checked. The content should highlight what a talented and dedicated individual you are with reference to your personal, academic, extra- curricular and sporting activities. You should include your personal experiences, what has inspired you and what you have done to further your chances at success in your chosen field.

This should help you to get the basics right when writing your personal statement but for further advice, visit us!

 Explain the reasons for wanting to study


 Explain how you’re the right person for the course and degree


 Say what you do outside of education


 Why is what you do relevant to the course you are applying for?


It should also be relevant to your chosen career


 What’s your long term plan?


 Keep it positive


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