What are the essentials of a good personal statement?

Writing a good personal statement is crucial in order for you to gain entry into the universities of your choice. Using a personal statement service to gain a good personal statement is wise in order to provide you with a good basic statement at the very least. With huge competition in terms of results, extra curricular activities and experience, it is more difficult than ever to achieve your coveted university place. By ensuring that you take advice from our personal statement experts and use the example statements on the site, you can be assured that your personal statement will be of the highest standard possible. The personal statement should consist firstly of a solid introduction that will catch the eye of the admission tutors. This is the part, which is immediately assessed. Most admission tutors will decide within the first three sentences whether they dismiss the personal statement of continue to read. Therefore, your introduction must be suscint, clear and smooth. The main body of your personal statement must showcase what you have done to prove your passion for your subject including avid reading, research, activities and what experience you have gained. Remember everyone is using what they have here to persuade the admission tutors of their suitability for the role. This means you must explain what you have done in detail and link this back to why it shows your passion. Make sure you seek out any extra opportunities you can which show your determination for your chosen subject. Any outstanding achievements can also be mentioned here and your future goals. You also should have a section detailing any sports teams, competitions you have won or musical instruments you play. Languages, theatre and hobbies can feature here too. For your conclusion, you must again highlight your enthusiasm and passion for your chosen subject. This must link to what you have done, where you want to go in the future and why you would make the perfect candidate for your chosen universities. Remember; try not to be too specific to one university as this may discourage your other university choices. Universities want students who will offer more to their institution including social activity, team leadership and involvement in things outside of the classroom. They are attracted to well-rounded individuals as well as conscientious students so you can always compete with other students by offering something different and putting this into the equation. In order to achieve a personal statement, which accurately reflects all of your attributes, make sure that it is checked by you several times by leaving periods of time in between each read through. You can then get others to check over your work for mistakes or improvements. This is when it would be a good idea to get professional help to ensure that your personal statement is of the required standard and you can be sure that you have done everything in your power to create a perfect personal statement.

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