Science Personal Statement

From an early age I have been fascinated by science. I have always believed that science is the most important subject that a person can study to gain an all-encompassing knowledge of the world. Science is present in everyday life on a number of levels, from the obvious to the subtle. Our own bodies and lives are governed by our biology, our food and drinks are a product of chemistry and everything we do relies on physics. I want to understand these subjects to the highest level possible, so I can use my knowledge, and use science, for a greater purpose such as helping those in need.  

I believe that this course will furnish me with essential skills and allow me to gain a valuable qualification while helping me to refine my eventual career path. Although I am unsure about which exact profession I would like to embark on I have a particular interest in healthcare and helping people in need. I wish to gain a level of knowledge which will be beneficial to both myself and others. I will be the first person in my family to go to university; a prospect which makes both me and my family very proud. I am looking forward to experiencing a new level of independence and having the opportunity to explore different experiences. I am particularly interested in the social aspects of living in university accommodation and becoming involved in the rich culture of societies and clubs. I hope I can become involved in the university community and contribute to the Students Union through social activities and charity work.


Academically I am a hardworking and devoted student. I received two passes in BTEC Health and Social Care and two distinctions in BTEC Applied Science, because my passion for these subjects has always pushed me to achieve as much as possible. I am currently taking Health and Social Care level 3 and I am predicted at least a Merit Merit grade. This course in interrelated to both psychology and biology, and I have found the subject material very engaging. I am also a fervent student of language; my mother tongue is Malayalam and I also speak basic French and Hindi along with fluent English. In my spare time I like to keep fit through badminton and dance, and to volunteer in my local community. I am extremely computer-literate and proficient with a lot of programs as well as social networking. I have a particular passion for travel and would love to explore the world, helping people in disadvantaged countries and working with minorities.


My work experience to date has all been related to care in the community. For two weeks I worked with Croydon BME where I was mainly tasked with office and clerical duties, but I enjoyed the interaction with individuals who called up with questions and became inspired to embark on a career which would allow me to help people in such a manner every day. I became a Peer Mentor at school in order to help younger students with any learning difficulties and issues they were experiencing. I found this very rewarding as I was not only helping individual people but was also giving back to my school. From 2010 to 2011 I was a Support Teacher at Head Start Nursery School and I am currently an Administrator at Victory Day Nursery School. In addition to this I have taken part in charity fundraising, and I help out at a local primary school helping young children improve their numeracy skills. I am presently employed in CroyChem pharmacy, where I have the opportunity to extend my scientific knowledge to the drugs market.

Although I have yet to decide on a defined career path, I do not doubt that I will be happiest in a scientific environment. I believe I possess all of the qualities to make me a successful student of the sciences: I am hardworking, dedicated, and love the challenge of learning new things in order to push my knowledge to its limits. I believe I will be a valued contributor to this course with my enthusiastic attitude, teamwork abilities and friendly nature. I am confident that I will fit in well at the university as well as onto this course.


Hopefully this Science Personal Statement has helped you in some way.