Sample Software Engineering Personal Statement

  Sample Software Engineering Personal Statement

Computers have brought rapid transformation to the world. The technological growth since the middle of the Twentieth Century, when computers were highly cumbersome and were only used by large and wealthy companies, has been huge and computers are now found in many homes and are in the hands of a large proportion of the developed world. I am fascinated by how computer technology has brought changes to our lives that could never have been predicted; witnessing the expansion of computer science allowed me to consider studying software engineering from an early age, and my enthusiasm has perpetually developed since this time.


Pursuing HTML, Fireworks and Dreamweaver at home and HAVING successfully creating a website with the aid of Dietel’s C++ How To Program demonstrates my self-motivation in learning Computer Science at university, and the fundamental skills I have imputed into this supports my pursuit of studying this course. The C++ program allowed me to calculate the Area, Perimeter, and Volumes of different shapes and these techniques will aid my work during my further studies of computer technology; I look forward to developing these pre-existing aptitudes and learning as much as possible during my time at university.


Studying in the UK will give me the opportunity to increase my knowledge of computer science due to the highly regarded teaching and research resources available there. I also anticipate discovering more about the culture and sharing my experiences with my peers; sharing ideas and perspectives with my university colleagues is an element of university life that excites me greatly. I would like to absorb as much from my experience at university as possible so that eventually building a career in The UK, with the skills I have learnt during my university life, will be as smooth, efficient and successful as possible.


Choosing to undertake a foundation course in Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics has taught me skills essential to computer science; algebra and logic have been two elements of this course that have been hugely interesting and these will certainly facilitate my further education in computer science. I would like to continue my study of Mathematics at university and I will strive to achieve highly in this area.


In my spare time I enjoy reading The New Scientist, and this has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of computer related technology. Outside of my scientific pastimes, playing football is a great love of mine. The development of my interpersonal, teamwork and communications skills have greatly benefited from sport, and these skills will serve me well at university. The competences that football have taught me will help me when undertaking class projects as time management and team work are absolutely essential for success and I hope to be an asset to whoever I work with in these situations. I also look forward to continuing to play football at university, and to using this as a factor in my social life whilst in The UK.


I have the confidence in my abilities and an enthusiasm for my chosen subject- I am fully prepared to be a dedicated and diligent student whilst at university. I have an insatiable curiosity for my subject that will be valuable when individual study is demanded of me, and this is an aspect of the course that particularly enthuses me. I have the ultimate ambition of becoming a software engineer and hope that with my qualifications gained at university this will be a goal well within my reach. Software engineering is a career that whilst the need for and use of computers in society progresses, the opportunities in this realm will become ever more exciting and engaging and I look forward to the time when I can progress into professional life.


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