Primary Teaching personal statement example

Casting my mind back to my own educational experiences, in which patient and encouraging teaching ensured me that I would gain ultimate understanding, I can see how the challenges of the job are based around communicating with, and responding to the needs of, each individual pupil; balancing imparting information with the emotional, and physical, care of young children. Having gained extensive knowledge and many rewarding practical experiences within the field, I am continually driven to improve upon these skills so that I may also provide this level of care in the future. I have continually pursued multiple higher education qualifications in the field, including an HNC in Early Education and Child Care and, most recently, a BA in Child and Youth Studies. Completing this later qualification through distance learning, I have gained additional time management and independent study skills, alongside as a strong theoretical grounding in the education and care of young children. Of course, in a field such as education, gaining hands on experience is equally as important as theoretical knowledge. In my current role as Deputy Supervisor for Perth and Kinross Council’s Kid’s Club, I look after children ranging from 4 years of age to 14. Our goal is to provide safe, secure and stimulating play and learning experiences for these children. To this end, we necessarily conduct observation and review of our procedures and plan and implement new, curriculum-based systems when appropriate. Due to my Supervisor undertaking further education, I have also been asked to perform her supervisory role three days a week, taking a leading role in ensuring the provision of care by creating strong working relationships with colleagues, children and their parents. Through this role, I have also gained experience of building relationships with external agencies that may be brought in to deal with any concerns we have regarding the safety or wellbeing of the children. As a Relief Worker for a local playgroup I have gained simultaneous experience of working with very young children, supervising the implementation of a well-balanced curriculum in a safe environment and ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained. While studying primary education, I have also been given the opportunity to gain hands on classroom experience within primary education. On placement during and an Access to Teacher Training course and my HNC, I observed and assisted with a range of classroom activities, from altering wall displays and class equipment to helping to mark work and assist with pupil’s reading. One placement lasted three weeks, which allowed me to gain a detailed knowledge of the management of the school as well as building significant and rewarding relationships with the children. In my spare time, I am an active and energetic person, enjoying going to the gym, walking and going to dance classes. My interests in the education of children also influence my extra-curricular activities, not only through my self-motivated study but also through extending my relationship with the pupils of my after school club to offer freelance babysitting if and when appropriate. As my commitment to studying and working with children demonstrates, I am primarily motivated by building rewarding emotional relationships and caring for the educational needs of my pupils. This has already driven me to achieve strong results within related studies and, combined with my significant practical experience across the field, will ensure that I continue to work to the same high level throughout teacher training and beyond.

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