Pharmacy Personal Statement Example

  Sample Pharmacy Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed maths and science subjects, partly because they offer unlimited intellectual challenges and satisfactions, but also because of their practicality, the way they relate to the everyday world and the processes of people’s daily lives.  Pharmacy attracts me because as a study and an occupation it has both of these qualities.  In studying chemistry I am deeply interested in the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs and the ways they work in the human body, but the pharmacist is also very much concerned with people’s welfare, and is committed to improving people’s lives through medicine and care.  I relish the thought of being able to “make a difference” in the real world.  I enjoy helping people, and look forward to playing a truly responsible and beneficial role in the community.  I know too that the opportunities for those with pharmaceutical knowledge are endless.  The pharmacist’s skills are in constant demand worldwide, and it would be possible to work abroad, or follow other career paths.  It is a deeply interesting occupation, both professionally and academically.

In a pharmacy degree course I look forward to studying the science of formulation and medicine design – the whole issue of how drugs are incorporated into medicines.  I have some knowledge already of cell and molecular biology, but need to develop this, and learn more about microbiology and the body’s principal organ systems.  I would hope to study disease pathology and the pharmacology of the relevant drugs.  Laboratory skills will be important, as will data-handling methods.  I hope that the course will have a large element of practical experience, visiting hospitals and talking to real patients about their drug regimes and needs.  Clearly it is of the highest importance to have good communication skills, both to explain issues to people and to be able to listen to them.  There is also, no doubt, a body of legal knowledge the pharmacist must have to hand.  I know that the legislation concerning drugs is complex and detailed.  The pharmacist carries a considerable weight of responsibility in his role as a health-care professional, but the obverse of this is that he is becoming increasingly involved with patients directly, advising and guiding in any number of cases.

I have worked as a volunteer in a local pharmacy, which has confirmed my wish to take this up as a career.  I learned much about the way a retail pharmacy is run.  I was given several important tasks, including checking expiry dates, and sorting and organising stock so that customers could find the medicines they wanted easily.  It struck me here how the pharmacist’s role is changing in the modern NHS, where he is now far more accessible to the community and actively involved with patients.  It involves life-long learning, which is a very satisfying prospect.

Outside the classroom my main interests are in sport and fitness.  I play football, and I also go to a gym, which I find both physically and mentally stimulating.  The gym routine has improved my self-esteem, I believe, and helped to motivate my life and work in many ways.  I think that belief in yourself is an essential in fulfilling ambitions and following ideas through to successful conclusions.

I have a strong academic record, which I believe is evidence that I can make a success of a degree course in the subject.  I am ambitious and hard working, and I am meticulous about detail.  My numeracy skills are particularly strong.  I believe that my colleagues and friend all regard me as a very reliable and organised individual, well able to bear the weight of responsibility and produce good results.  I look forward to facing all the challenges of my chosen career, and to the enjoyment of working in a truly useful field of health care, and I hope you will consider my application.


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