Pharmacy Personal Statement

To study Pharmacy, one needs to be committed to the growth and development of Medicine, have patience and a keen eye for detail. I have strived throughout my school career to develop the skills and knowledge required for such a degree and hope to continue on in the profession. During my study of Chemistry at school, I excelled in producing written and illustrated results from experiments, and would like to apply such logical thinking and knowledge of natural laws to analyse and solve problems occurring in Pharmacy. Saying this, the practical side of Chemistry was my particular forte. I am a keen follower of recent medical developments in the media and am improving in my own laboratory work in every step of my education. I would like to combine my love of Mathematics with this practical element to oversee and be involved in medical research. I believe that a Pharmaceutical degree would help me achieve this balance of research and practical application, i.e. calculating the accurate dosage of a certain drug. I am predicted straight A's for Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry, and excelled at such subjects in my GCSEs.

Science and Mathematics have always been a great interest of mine as I recognise the impact that they have on our daily lives. It is often difficult to find students of such professions that have the interests of the community at heart whilst wishing to further their own knowledge and understanding. Through various elements of community work I have not only developed the communication and team-building skills required to succeed in such a profession, but I have given up my spare time to understand more about the personal challenges such work entails. For example, in April this year I completed an internship at St. Marien Hospital in Bonn, Germany. Two weeks were spent in the geriatrics department looking after patients, changing bed sheets, maintaining general conversations in German with the patients, and answering any general needs patients had. I was able to assist doctors on ward rounds, learning about various types of prescriptions. This was invaluable experience: allowing me to connect with those who needed medication and to understand the values of a medical care service.

Obtaining work experience at a local Lloyd's Pharmacy gave me a key insight into how prescriptions are marked and stored. I was promoted to the front desk after only a few days in the shelving unit, as the staff noticed my drive to be in contact with the customers and to collate important information. This contrasted with a two week placement I had in Tehran, Iran in which I learned more about the different types of medicine and their categorisation. Having so much experience in a practical pharmaceutical environment was of course important, but will not be enough for me to obtain the professional level that I wish to be at.

Aside from German, I have also learned Sign Language, obtaining a Level 1 certificate. I am able to communicate effectively with disabled children as a volunteer at my local youth club. I also work as a Retail Assistant at a British Red Cross charity shop organizing donated clothes and coordinating displays, and assisted with the dispensation of medicine at a local retirement home. Such volunteering roles display my enthusiasm for helping others in a medical capacity. I look forward to attaining a degree so that I am able to work with such groups on a higher professional level.  Working with children and young adults can be difficult at times, and patience is indispensable. During this summer, I had the opportunity to work in an orphanage in Iran, improving their English language skills and communicating with them in Farsi. I developed levels of sympathy and understanding for the psychological and emotional problems they faced. This enforced my commitment to gaining a reputable degree so that I am better placed to aid children like this in the future.

To take the Medical profession seriously, one must also believe in what they are providing to the customer or patient. This includes maintaining a proactive and healthy lifestyle. At school, I am a keen participant in many sport-related clubs, such as the 1st XI Hockey Team, and also keep in shape with the local rugby squad. I would like to continue these sports to a University level. Playing the drum kit at a Grade 5 level shows that I am able to balance my studies with extra-curricular activity and develop excellent time-management.


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