Pharmacology Personal Statement

Personal statement - I have used my academic career thus far to explore my interest in the sciences and human physiology. I am fascinated by the complex processes by which the human body functions and the potential that gaining an understanding of these processes holds for treating a range of conditions. Having also gained extensive experience within the field of medical care, I am inspired by the skill and knowledge and the teamwork required between disciplines to provide treatment. It is my goal to emulate this and play a valuable role in offering a high level of care to my community. After gaining work experience at Scunthorpe General Hospital, the communication and teamwork necessary became more apparent. This placement allowed me to work across a number of clinics and in each it was obvious to me that strong communication was essential to understanding the needs of the patient. Gaining experience of talking with patients and identifying their medical needs has demonstrated to me that I have the necessary skills to fulfil a similar role within a community-based role, as well as offering experience of working within the busy, multidisciplinary environment of a hospital.

Gaining experience in a GP’s surgery also demonstrated the importance of respect and confidentiality; lynchpins of a pharmacist’s role. Comparing the standard of medical care with my first hand experience of working within a GP’s surgery in Pakistan, demonstrated how lucky we are to have a resource such as the NHS in the UK, and made me even more determined to make an impact within this service.

Aware that working within pharmacy also requires an understanding of the demands of long term and palliative care, I have also undertaken work experience in hospice and residential care. Caring for residents with a range of conditions, including Parkinson’s and dementia, demonstrated the miraculous role that medication can play in improving their quality of life and inspires me to gain a greater understanding of both current applications and potential future research.

Working within a pharmacy role would also allow me to build upon the community health experience that I have already accumulated. As a volunteer for Apna Sahara and the British Heart Foundation I have organised and promoted local events related to lung cancer awareness, nutrition and ‘walking the way to health’. As a ‘Sports Leader’, I have planned and delivered physical education lessons to primary schoolchildren, promoting health and fitness, as well as developing organisation, management and teamwork skills.

This personal statement shows that Studying Pharmacy will offer a unique opportunity to build upon my existing interests and knowledge of science while also allowing me to continue working towards a rewarding career in healthcare. Existing at the intersection between research and application, Pharmacy’s combination of intellectual stimulation and application within the community makes it a perfect fit for someone who strives or both understanding and meaning within their work, as I do.