Pharmacology Personal Statement

Growing up with family members suffering from chromosomal illness, I was amazed to see how simply taking a pill suddenly improved their symptoms; that something so small could have such an impact on one's quality of life. Ever since, I have been fascinated by how an understanding of chemistry, and, more specifically, of pharmacology, can be utilised within society. I was able to indulge this interest upon attending a Chemistry and Pharmacy Summer School at the University of East Anglia. Whilst there, I gained hands-on experience of working within a chemical laboratory. For instance, we were able to produce our own tablets and conduct quality assurance tests on them. We also researched, created, and completed presentations on the effects of medical dugs on Asthma patients. Of course, being able to conduct literature reviews and presenting the information appropriately is a vital skill in higher education.

Whilst the Summer School somewhat emphasised the industrial aspect of the field, having volunteered at a community pharmacy, I am also familiar with the contexts in which pharmacists actually work. I was able to learn about how essential it is that 'prescription only' drugs are dispensed appropriately and, therefore, of the attention to detail that pharmacists must possess. I observed how customers sought advice regarding their medication and how the pharmacist was able to alleviate any confusion. It became apparent, then, that those working in pharmacy not only help people via the medications that they dispense but also through the interactions they have with those whom receive them.

Regarding interpersonal skills, I have held a number of positions of responsibility over the past few years that have helped me develop in this respect, as well as in other ways too. For example, I spent time volunteering in an Afghan language class for younger children where I was able to draw upon my multilingualism to facilitate their development. I am also currently a student ambassador, which entails providing assistance during open days. In this role, I provide information to parents and assist teachers with a range of tasks. Besides from this allowing me to foster my communication skills, it is satisfying to feel that I am 'giving back' to my community.

Through my part-time work as a senior sales assistant at House of Fraser I have been able to develop a range of other skills that will serve me well within the degree. Firstly, having to balance this job with my education has meant that I have enhanced my ability to manage time. Additionally, I have been able to improve my leadership skills by standing in for the manager when they are away; pharmacists tend to work in small teams, and so being a good leader will be essential later in my career. I have also learnt how to deal with confidential information, which, of course, is something that pharmacists must do on a daily basis.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking increasing my knowledge of pharmacy, and of science in general, by engaging in a number of activities. For instance, I attended a series of biology lectures at the University of Northampton, which I found very interesting, and which enhanced my desire to pursue a degree within healthcare science. I also attended the Big Bang Science Fair, where I was able to help younger students with their projects, and had the chance to discuss with staff their research into novel drugs for cancer. Furthermore, I am a regular reader of Chemistry Review; it is fascinating to learn about the latest developments in chemistry and to consider how these can be applied within clinical contexts.

Through my experiences and education, I feel that I have developed a rich understanding of pharmacy ' from the science that underlies it, to the social world in which medications are dispensed. I look forward to being able to apply this knowledge, and the skills that I have developed through my various roles, as I commence my degree.

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