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Law Personal Statement sample: For me, law offers a satisfaction, both as a degree subject and as a career, which is both intellectual and human.  The complexity of a system that has developed over centuries, and the subtle relationship (in this country at least) between precedent and individual discretion and judgement, present a type of challenge to one’s thinking that can only fascinate and stimulate.  At the same time I am fully aware of the importance of law in everybody’s life.  Law is the backbone of our civilisation, and serves to protect order and the welfare of the individual.  My brief work experience, with a law firm dealing with civil law, and later in a Crown Court where criminal cases were tried, made it clear to me what the human impact of the law can be, and how near the surface powerful emotions can be in many legal processes.  I have the sort of academic record which I believe is clear evidence that I shall be able to make a success of the challenges of a law degree course, but I also have a personal commitment to the subject, which seems to me to become increasingly interesting and important in human terms. I am undecided as yet about where my future lies, as a barrister or as a solicitor.  I hope that a degree course will lead me to an understanding of the key concepts and theoretical perspectives in the study of crime and criminal justice, as well as demonstrating the relationship between argument and evidence in criminological debate.  I look forward to discovering how to use legal concepts in practical situations, and how to undertake socio-legal research.  But the civil law is also fascinating in its diversity, and may well offer even more areas of interest.  I could specialise, perhaps, in business law, dealing with banking and finance, employment law, competition law, with its EU dimensions, insurance law, private equity law, and tax law. Then there is the whole issue of family law, and the law governing human rights.  Environment law is likely to become increasingly important in the future.  The prospects are many and varied, and full of exciting possibilities and intellectual challenges.

In my work experience with a local law firm I was involved in the real estate and alternative resolution department, including drafting leases for commercial property, and sitting in on conferences discussing arbitration in situations involving large amounts of money.  Later, shadowing a judge in Crown Court, I saw a huge variety of cases, including fraud, robbery, driving offences, assault and rape, and witnessed preliminary hearings, witness statements, closing statements and sentencing.  The most striking aspect for me was the emotional impact in very serious cases, which suddenly demonstrated to me the key human dimension of the law, and made me want to explore the morality of law, and the effect it has on people’s lives.

Academic success means much to me.  I am extremely hard working and I am never satisfied with completing a task at anything less than the highest standard.  In 2009 I was awarded a school scholarship as the top academic scholar of the year, and I won a gold certificate in the UK Intermediate Mathematics Challenge in 2010.  Nevertheless, my life is not simply dominated by my academic work, and I lead a full life outside the classroom.  I play tennis at quite a high level, and have represented my school at the sport for several years.  I have worked on a charity project, making electronic equipment for schools in Africa, and I was for some time a member of the school’s CCF.  I work regularly as a volunteer at a local retirement village, and I play the piano to grade 3.

In my investigation of law, in which I have read Bingham, O’Sullivan and Wacks, I have come to understand how complex the subject is, and how much of an intellectual challenge it can be.  I feel sure that I can make a success of a degree course in law, and that my career will be fulfilling, and beneficial to the world I live in, and I hope you will consider my application.

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