Nursing Personal Statement

As a midwife, you have to be dependable and responsible as you are being entrusted with the welfare of patients in addition to their unborn child. I am trustworthy, dedicated and approachable and I know that these qualities would make me become a good midwife. Midwifery has been my dream and passion since I was a child.  However, during recent years, I have truly realised the level of my desire succeed in a nursing career. As a motivated individual with a strong desire to work within a dynamic and progressive environment, I feel I am capable in achieving my dream of returning to education to be a midwife.

I am particularly interested in the vital role that midwives play in caring for mother and baby in the months leading up to the birth as I feel that this is the period when mothers need most attention and information fed to them as well as the importance places on the labour and the postnatal period.

I am a mature student and a mother. I speak English, Dutch and Somali fluently and think this shows my aptitude for learning. My life experiences have only enhanced my passion and will to become a midwife and so I am now following my dream. I have always been drawn to a career as a midwife because it will enable me to do what I love while working to support myself and my family. I am currently studying

an access course to nursing and midwifery which incudes modules in psychology, sociology, study skills, biology and maths. My aim is that this will provide me with a solid base to start working towards my goal.

I have also gained certificates, including level 2 in Cleaning and Support Service Skills, which shows my cleanliness, attention to detail and organization. These are crucial attributes for a midwife. I am currently working at a local GP as a cleaner in the evening in order to gain work experience within a medical environment and have applied for work placements in a variety of hospitals.

I have worked at a primary school, assisting the children with their reading, bringing them to the library and encouraging their learning. I feel that this demonstrates my aptitude for midwifery, as I understand children, babies and the relationship that a mother has with their child as well as the difficulties that can be faced. This understanding has come from my life experience; both work experience and personal.

When I gave birth to my son, I was afraid and didn’t know more detail how I would be cared for so I researched thoroughly a midwife’s role. The care and attention I had from the nurses and midwives and the dedication and passion they showed in caring for my child, made me reflect and consider my own talent for caring and nursing. The skills and care that they provided made me realize that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

I like to gain current knowledge in the midwifery field so I regularly read journals such as British Journal of Midwives and many of the articles on the MIDIRS website to research this area more widely.

I fully understand that Nursing is a way of life and more than simply a career. As a carer of children and my own family, I can adhere to the absolute commitment that this career requires. I am also a good team player but know how to take charge and be a leader when necessary. This is important as midwives need to be able to work as part of a team and autonomously. Although I understand that midwifery will be challenging, I believe overcoming this will be part of what makes the job so rewarding.


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