Nursing Personal Statement

  Nursing personal statement

I have harboured an ambition to study Nursing for many years, driven by a desire to emulate the quality of care that I have witnessed being offered to members of my own family when they have needed it. Despite my parent’s insistence that I should study Business first, this ambition has never deserted me and I have worked hard to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to return to this original goal at this point in my life. Having begun working towards a career in the healthcare industry, I am completely certain that it is the correct match for my aptitudes, and my attitude, offering, as it does, many avenues for expressing my empathetic, caring and practical sides.

I have proven myself to be a capable and highly motivated student, both within my schooling, my previous undergraduate experience, and my subsequent studies within healthcare. I am currently working towards a Certificate in Health and Social Care, which is offering an excellent grounding in the core principles of working and studying within the field. Thanks to my previous NCFE Level 2 qualification in Psychology, I also have a broader interest in, and knowledge of, psychological conditions that can require care, something I would be keen to explore in my later career.

I have also worked hard to gain as much experience as possible within the field of medical care, so that I have a better idea of what working within Nursing will actually entail. For the last four years I have been working as a Clinical Data Associate for the Clinical Research Organization (CRO). My job was to manage the clinical trials process for a new drug; ensuring the accurate and effective collection of data and processing and analysing data once it has been collected. This was a hugely valuable opportunity to gain inside knowledge of a crucial aspect of the healthcare industry, alerting me to the balance of logistical and caring skills which are involved in working within it. As part of a multidisciplinary team it also afforded me a number of opportunities for both teamwork and leadership skills, both of which will prove crucial in my chosen career. Working with a range of healthcare professionals also allowed me to gain a sense of what each department, and each job within that department, actually entailed, confirming that Nursing was the best match for my interests and skills. I have also undertaken voluntary work with the learning disabled and the elderly, where I learnt the importance of providing specialised care based on the needs of the individual.

As my desire to follow Nursing has continued to drive me forward, I have also used my spare time to ensure my readiness for undergraduate level study. I regularly read The British Journal of Nursing, which keeps me up to date on developments in the field, and have sought out advice from current nurses to gain a sense of the day-to-day role. Both of these have confirmed my desire to study Nursing at a prestigious UK institution and work within the sector in this country. While I am aware that studying in a second language presents specific challenges, I believe that my track record of producing work in English and my IELTS score of 6.0 confirm my ability to overcome these challenges.

I have proven myself to be a driven and ambitious student of Nursing, who has continued to follow a dream of carving out a career in the sector. I have consistently worked hard to gain the necessary skills and knowledge, studying and working within related roles whenever possible. My interests in psychology also exhibit a broader interest in human well being which will continue to motivate me to achieve my ultimate ambition of Nursing within the challenging, yet rewarding, environment of a prison. I have always been attracted to Nursing due to the opportunities that it provides for making a real difference in the lives of those who need it most and it would be a real honour to join the profession and make this process of change a consistent daily goal.


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