Medicine Personal Statement

  Medicine Personal Statement

Perhaps it was being born a twin that made me insatiably curious about human science from the beginning. My questions were endless and I thought adults godlike in their wisdom. Knowing that answers were out there inspired me to excel in my academics, but it was experiencing illness first-hand which awakened in me the realization that understanding of Medicine can improve or even save the life of another. I am aware of the difficulties I may face, but I have the potential to combine my passion and skill to become a doctor.

Work experience in the UK and abroad was a natural choice, having previously lived in Saudi Arabia and India. During a placement at Spire Hospital, I observed the multidisciplinary environment, with each specialism operating individually and in a cross-departmental team. Furthermore the GP’s sensitive communication with each patient was clearly integral to diagnosis. In India I shadowed a general surgeon as he performed procedures such as varicose vein surgery using anesthesia, illustrating that the demands of surgery extend beyond the operating room as patient confidentiality and aftercare are paramount. I assisted the nursing students with a community project on diabetes and found that informing patients about its improved my ability to communicate clearly and sensitively, which was again required when volunteering at a school for disabled children where I helped fulfill their need for care and engagement. I returned home with a desire to continue this work and now volunteer at an Inpatient Unit, where I interact with patients and their families to improve their experience, and a local day centre for children with special needs such as autism. Each day, this teaches me that patience, empathy and love are themselves powerful cures.


My A-Level studies have improved my analytical and practical skills. Studying Psychology underlines of the distinction between brain matter and the human mind and encourages empathic thinking. Performing dissections in Biology imparts enlightening knowledge, from distinguishing between arteries by colour, to the variance of nerve thickness. The inconsistencies of human matter are fascinating, as evident from books such as ‘Right Hand, Left Hand’ on the origins of asymmetry in brains and bodies. Intrigued by irregularity, I completed an Extended Project on ‘The Impacts of Diabetes’, during which I interviewed health professionals and diabetic patients and consulted articles in the Biological Sciences Review which consolidated my knowledge of insulin resistance. I have found that my growing knowledge equips me with an informed perspective to argue in debates at college, particularly on medical ethics. I also enjoy Chemistry; it testifies to the importance of even the smallest molecule, and is fun; I tried to solve the dual position of hydrogen in the Periodic Table by arranging the chemical elements on a ‘periodic globe’, and recently attained top marks in the Cambridge Challenge.


A balance of activities is essential but I always challenge myself. My religious beliefs inspire me to support others, as a member of College Council as well as my local church where I am involved in Childrens’ Liturgy. Further, assisting in Jesus Youth conferences requires organizational ability which has also been useful in basketball and badminton, wherein leadership and conflict resolution are key to team success. Performing Indian dance in national competitions gives me an outlet for creative energy.


I will never stop questioning and learning; it is in my very being, and equips me for constant personal development. Medicine’s rewards are daily and unique: the thrill of delivering care, the excitement of instilling hope in those deprived of it, and above all the chance to make a real difference. My curiosity for science and my desire to serve others are the foundations on which I will build my medical career and I am very excited for its challenges and rewards.



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