Medicine Personal Statement

I was always a ‘curiosity kid’, questioning my very being. Why was I born a twin? What is my hair made of?. As I developed interest in a medical career, my grandfather’s struggle with dementia gave this a personal dimension: in order to aid the suffering, one must understand the intricate workings of the human body. Medicine’s rewards are daily and unique: the thrill of delivering care, the excitement of instilling hope in those deprived of it, and above all the chance to make a real difference. I have gained work experience in the UK and abroad, a natural choice having previously lived in Saudi Arabia and India. During my placement at Spire Hospital, I saw that communication was key to the multidisciplinary environment, with each specialism operating individually and in a cross-departmental team. I also noted the GP’s sensitive communication with each patient, as integral in diagnosis. I was intrigued by the skill required in procedures such as MRI scans and X-rays and am now interested in a surgical focus for my future studies. In India I shadowed a general surgeon and observed that the demands of surgery extend beyond the operating room, as confidentiality and treating each patient as an individual are paramount. I assisted the nursing students with a community project on diabetes and found that informing patients about its risk factors and implications improved my ability to communicate compassionately, which was again required when volunteering at a school for disabled children, where my eyes were opened to their need for care and engagement. I found this such an enriching experience that I now volunteer at my local Inpatient Unit and at a special needs day centre. Both placements have taught me the empathy and patience needed to improve others’ wellbeing.

My A-Level studies have improved my analytical and practical skills. Performing dissections in Biology imparts enlightening knowledge, from distinguishing between arteries by colour, to the variance of nerve consistencies. I completed an Extended Project on ‘The Impacts of Diabetes’, during which I Interviewed health professionals and patients, which widened my interpersonal and time management skills. As a natural problem solver I also enjoy Chemistry. I recently tried to solve the dual position of hydrogen in the Periodic Table by arranging the chemical elements on a ‘periodic globe’ and attaining top marks in the Cambridge Challenge has honed my practical skill. Studying Psychology underlines of the distinction between brain matter and the human mind. Comparing the precepts of the Milgram experiment with the reality of disorder in the London riots demonstrates the unpredictability of human behavior, and using real life examples to evaluate research studies encourages more innovative thinking. I enjoy using these skills during ethical debates and in my reading.


I keep a balance of activities but always push myself to succeed. I am a College Council member and Prefect to advocate for my peers, giving me the tools to build rapport with a range of people and work under pressure with confidence. This further aided me when organizing Jesus Youth conferences. I love sport and play basketball and badminton, which demands good leadership as compromise and resolving conflict are keys to team success. Performing Indian dance in national competitions provides an outlet for creative energy and allows me to achieve through training and dedication.


I will never stop questioning and learning; it is in my very being, and equips me for constant personal development.  I am aware of the difficulties I may face, but I have the potential to combine my compassion and skill to achieve my goals. My curiosity for science and my desire to serve others are the foundations on which I will build my medical career and I am excited for its challenges and rewards.


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