Medicine Personal Statement

My interest in medicine originated from a personal tragedy in my own life; an experience which awoke in me a passion to learn more about the human body and the science behind illness and disease. I hope to become knowledgeable and skilled enough to prevent similar tragedies happening to other families. So far my academic record has been well above average. I sat 8 KCSE (Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education) subjects and received A- in Biology, B+ in Chemistry, B- in Physics and B+ in English Language. I completed a Parenting course in Behaviour Management, receiving a Certificate of Recognition, and participated in the students' science congress up to the National level in 2004. Upon coming to England I sat my Higher GCSE's in English and Maths, achieving an A and A* respectively. I am currently sitting my A levels in Chemistry, Biology and Maths, and I am confident that I will receive high grades in this subject due to my dedication and determination. I was awarded the position of Head Girl at school due to my leadership and team-player skills and my ability to win the respect of others through my friendly and understanding attitude. I take my studies very seriously and I believe this university course will furnish me with all of the necessary knowledge to become successful in healthcare.

Alongside my academic achievements I have a number of interests and hobbies, such as cooking and spending as much time as possible with my family. I am proud of the fact that I have successfully juggled work with raising a family and I feel that this demonstrates my organisational skills and my ability to work under pressure. I involve myself in the community, liaising with local administration to ensure that the needs of the vulnerable are met. I find this role very rewarding as it is satisfying to know I can make a difference. A career in medicine would go even further to fulfil this dream.

I have experience of medical care in my personal life, having been the legal guardian to a 9-year-old relative of mine for a number of years. This relative has visual impairment and through the treatment of these problems I have met with a range of Doctors and healthcare professionals. I have had the opportunity to witness the processes of medical care first-hand, learning valuable information about the importance of cooperation and patient care. I have been highly influenced by the level of dedication and passion that these professionals demonstrate on a daily basis to every patient, irrespective of personal background. While staying on the neurological ward I had the opportunity to talk with the parents of young patients, and I found they were often extremely grateful to the medical practitioners for their devotion and assurances. I have been inspired to achieve the same level of commitment to help those in need and improve people's quality of life. I have a number of work experience placements lined up which will help me to understand the realities of a career in medicine. I will undertake a voluntary placement at the NHS Trust Leeds Bradford Royal Infirmary where I will look after patients with dementia and work alongside highly skilled Doctors and Nurses. I also plan on a placement at an NHS Trust mental health facility in order to understand all areas of medical care in more detail.

I understand that a career in medical care is not always pleasant, but I believe the joy of saving a life and improving someone's quality of life will more that outbalance the negative aspects. I believe that I will be successful on this course as I will stop at nothing in order to achieve my dreams, and I hope to do the University proud.

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