Medical Personal Statement

With a long-standing interest in the way the human body functions, I began my medical training in my home country of Romania, but was forced to suspend my studies when I moved to the UK, hoping that the educational and employment opportunities would be greater.  I am keen now to go on with my training, both because of a deep interest in the science of medicine and a strong desire to be able to use my skills and abilities to improve the lives of those who are at their most vulnerable.  The mechanisms of the human body interest me deeply, the ways things can go wrong and the technology modern medicine has developed to correct these failures of the system.  I am also keen to explore the pharmacology of drugs, and how medicines are formulated and designed.  How is it, for example, that a drug like Paracetomol has the effect of reducing temperatures and relieving pain?  What happens in the body chemistry as a result of administering this drug, and what lessons can we learn from observing these effects?  Can an understanding of a medication such as Paracetomol lead us towards new discoveries which might have dramatic further advantages in the treatment of serious illnesses?  The science of human physiology is full of interest for me, the ways that disease can manifest itself at cell or tissue level, the chemistry of physiological systems and the enormous adaptability of molecular elements in their response to environment and trauma.  But, for me, even more important is the role of the health care professional in the human world – the doctor who can bring relief to those who are suffering, the pharmacist who is a trusted member of a community, highly valued for his or her professional knowledge or skill, and the compassionate nurse or dedicated lab worker who can make a vital contribution to the improvement of people’s lives. I know that much of the training in the medical field is arduous and complex, that the course is lengthy and that the work can be challenging, but I am sure that no other area of human activity can bring me greater personal as well as professional satisfaction. I worked as a volunteer with the Romanian Red Cross for five years, mainly in the emergency section of my local hospital, and am now a volunteer nurse with the Red Cross in the UK, so I have considerable experience of dangerous and traumatic cases.  At present I am working as a full-time health care assistant on a surgical ward at King’s College Hospital, where I deal with people from various different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, many of whom have suffered very serious injuries which are potentially fatal.  As important as the medical aspect of my duties is my role in encouraging patients and their families, helping them to cope with terrible ordeals and maintaining their determination and hope.  The most rewarding part of my job is seeing those who have come into hospital in a critical condition get better and leave our care, fit and well again and able to return to a normal life.

I am academically able and extremely hard-working.  I have a number of languages, my mother tongue, Romanian, and fluent English and Spanish as well as good French, and I strongly believe that languages are a great asset in an increasingly international world.  I work well with other people, and I have noticed how important teamwork is in modern medical practice.  At the same time I have the confidence in my own judgement to be happy to work on my own initiative when necessary.  I should like ultimately to be a doctor, but an approach to the career through biomedical science or pharmacy would be attractive and intellectually stimulating options for me.  My greatest priority is to find myself in a position where I can help people recover, and this is the role to which I should like to devote my life.  My commitment to my goal is total, and I believe I have the qualities and the experience to become a very successful undergraduate.


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