Media Studies Personal Statement

The media not only represents the world around us, but also shapes it through the images it chooses to reflect. The rebuttal to those that think that studying the media, in all its forms, is in some way unimportant when compared to more practical, rather than text-based, subjects is therefore obvious: how are we to play an active role in creating the world around us if we are unaware of the way in which it is already being shaped? As I have progressed through my own study in the field, I have been enthused by growth of my own understanding of both the analysis and creation of media forms and am keen to learn more that I may ultimately, pass this understanding on to others. I am currently studying towards the Diploma in Creative and Media; which has provided an excellent balance between teaching textual analysis and enhancing my understanding of the media’s effects and introducing me to the industrial aspects of working within the field. As I am especially intrigued by the cultural contexts in which media is both produced and consumed this dual approach has proven to be the best possible way to expand on these interests. It has also proven to be an excellent development of my previous study of Media to BTEC level (completed in January 2009) and, I believe, my consistently solid grades throughout these two courses exhibit my overarching and ongoing interests and commitments within the field.

I have also taken every exciting opportunity throughout my schooling to gain both specific and transferable skills through work experience and volunteering. My work experience placement within my school’s City Learning Centre (CLC) introduced me to the realities and pressures of the working world, as I was tasked with creating a website from scratch within the two-week period. Alongside the technical and design aspects of the build, I also found that I quickly evolved strong teamwork skills, which are essential for working on collaborative project work at undergraduate level. Leading a team for part of the project also showed me that I possessed, and enjoyed using, good leadership skills and guiding others through processes that they previously did not understand. This experience, combined with my strong belief that an understanding of the media is crucial for everyone, has inspired me to look into teaching Media Studies as a potential future career. Working as a mentor to a Year 7 student has also proven a rewarding experience, adding to my potential future teaching ambitions by giving me a better idea of what is involved while also allowing me to play an active role in my school community.

Playing an active role in my community has also been a strong motivator in my extra-curricular activities. I am a keen sportsman and was the captain of my local football team for 3 years, leading them to two finals. This position was a good chance to demonstrate how strong leadership and teamwork work in tandem to produce good results. As an amateur boxer, my relationship between my coaching team and myself has also demonstrated the value of this dynamic from another perspective. Taking the determination and commitment I have learnt through these activities into my weekend job as a waiter has allowed me to quickly be offered extra responsibilities, proving my ability to apply these same positive attributes in all areas of my life.

Having shown commitment, ability and a hardworking attitude in all activities, I believe that I have what it takes to become a valuable contribution to any course or university. More importantly, I also believe that my strong passion for my subject will not only help me to succeed but will also inspire others, whether through working as a team at undergraduate level or fulfilling my ultimate goal of passing my knowledge onto subsequent generations through teaching.