Maths/Economics Personal Statement

  Maths and Economics Personal Statement Example

It seems clear to me that the two fundamental pillars that support businesses and economies are a solid knowledge of economics and mathematics. Historically speaking, the rise of economics as a specialist subject of study, to which some brilliant minds have applied their talents, has allowed economic systems and policies to be implemented that have raised standards of living across the world. To a very great extent successful economic theories and policies depend on increasingly complex mathematical formulae and calculations. As someone who is driven above all by a goal of a career in the financial sector, my number one priority in deciding on my next step in education is to gain a much greater understanding of these two subjects.

Economic theories and real-life examples of the successes and failures of national economies and businesses are a constant and welcome presence in my mind, ushered in through my A Level studies in Economics and Business Studies and through reading The Economist and other magazines. The way that economic theory and ideas attempt to explain the incredibly complex nature of the way humans use and exchange resources and the factors that can lead to or prevent prosperity are what interests me so much about the subject.  My love of economics is inseparable from my passion for mathematics, with many of the most fascinating examples of mathematics being applied in the real world stemming from the role of the subject in economics. The idea of highly complex mathematical models being used in areas such as game theory to present practical solutions to economic problems and allow organizations to use a mass of data to make crucial decisions fills me with excitement about the possibilities of continuing my studies in mathematics beyond A Level. Competing in and receiving a Gold Medal at the Maths Challenge was additionally an exhilarating experience that reinforced in my mind how enjoyable exercising one’s mental skills through mathematical conundrums can be.

I had a sneak preview of what working life might be like once I have gained thorough training in mathematics and economics through completing a summer work placement at the Agricultural Bank of China this year. During the placement I found myself immersed in the world of monetary policies, giving me a chance to see how they are formulated and applied by governments in response to economic circumstances. In particular, I learnt about the Chinese government’s policy of loosening its monetary policy as a result of declining domestic demand, with the goal of stimulating consumption and preventing a slowdown in economic growth. I gained a true appreciation of the complexities of the calculations and data sets on which such decisions were based, solidifying my resolve to jointly study economics and mathematics at university. It was also very interesting to compare what I learnt about Chinese economic policy with the more UK-focused content of my A Level economics syllabus.

I have had the chance to learn about the world of stocks and shares through being a member of my college’s Share Trading Club, and am also part of a team in this year’s Student Investor Challenge. Through these challenges I have discovered a great deal about the way that shares are traded and the way that markets respond to economic data. Discussing the markets with fellow students has also been a rewarding exchange of ideas, through which I have learnt the value of considering a wide range of perspectives as part of the financial decision-making process.

Along with competing in swimming competitions, the Share Trading Club has provided the additional bonus of allowing me to meet new friends from all over the world; to me it is important to be able to combine academic or professional activities with a social side. Indeed, the possibility of forging new friendships over discussions on mathematics and economics at university is an incredibly attractive one.


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