Maths Personal Statement

To the uninspired student mathematics can often become the rote study of a set of dispassionate rules and equations with little perceived application to their own lives. This premise is, however, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the vast potential of mathematics for illuminating myriad aspects of our existence. As a common, global language dedicated to making sense of the patterns that structure our world, maths can offer regular inspiration, constant challenge and eternal fascination for the student who approaches it with the appropriate passion. During my school career I have been lucky enough to be guided by excellent, inspirational teaching that has fostered such a passion within me. At GCSE level I performed well across the board, demonstrating my hardworking approach to all academic pursuits, but it was in Mathematics that I found the most intellectual satisfaction. Unfortunately, my grades at AS-Level were not quite as high as predicted but I have worked hard since then to overcome such challenges and regain the appropriate level of academic performance. My predicted A-Level grades have returned to the highest level and I feel fully confident that I will achieve these.

In addition to my strong performance within the subject I have also enjoyed developing my knowledge of the subject through extra-curricular activities. I represented my school as part of the Senior Maths Team Challenge, competing against other schools from the region and ultimately gaining the Silver Medal. I was also a keen member of the Archimedes Maths Club, where I not only developed my logic skills but also a fascination with mathematical science. While both of these experiences helped to greatly improve my technical abilities within the field, introducing me to new concepts outside the school curriculum and developing my speed at problem solving, they also offered valuable experience in essential study skills. Undertaking work outside of classes has helped me to realise the importance of time management when structuring your own work schedule and working as part of a group to achieve a common goal, both attributes that I believe will prove important in undergraduate study.

Spending additional time outside of school improving my knowledge of the subject has also inspired me to gain work experience within mathematically related fields. During the summer of 2010 I worked in the accounts department of Metaphor Chauffeur Drive, building on work experience undertaken at Drennan Oil Products Limited the previous year, to gain a sense of working within the finance industry. By assisting in the duties of these two accounts departments I improved my awareness of the practical application of mathematics and, having enjoyed the experience, I can confidently say that I would be keen to look into the potential of working with maths in the future.

In my spare time I also regularly indulge my passion for the subject, reading books on some of the most fascinating aspects of the field, such as Fermat’s Last Theorem, as well as maintaining a long-lasting interest in current events and politics, another passion that I would be keen to pursue in future.

Having dedicated so much of my time to continuing study within the field of mathematics, both in and out of school, I believe that I have consistently demonstrated the intellectual and practical ability to become a highly engaged and hardworking undergraduate student. It is my passion for the field, however, that truly provides the inspiration to succeed and that will continue to ensure that I gain as much enjoyment from my studies as I do satisfaction from achieving my academic goals.


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