History Personal Statement

  History Personal Statement Sample

Although I have since expanded my areas of historical interest far and wide, both in terms of periods and regions, the area of history that irrevocably ensnared my curiosity for the past is American history. The whole sweep of the United States’ gripping narrative enthrals me, beginning with the first attempts to build settlements all the way to the twenty-first century. My first introduction to this period came through studying history at GCSE level, in the form of the rollercoaster-like highs and lows of the roaring twenties and the Great Depression. My interest in early twentieth century history American history also prompted me to turn my attentions to the political and social histories of European nations in the same period, which in turn led me to delving deeper into the pasts of the European nations. One of the aspects of history that most excites me and persuades me to study it at university is that one period or theme inevitably then leads me to a related, equally engaging one. The prospect of taking history at university therefore presents itself to me almost as a Pandora ’s Box of opportunities to study the past.

My love of history is linked to my more general enthusiasm for engaging in debate in both spoken and written forms. My crowning achievement to date in oral debating is finishing second at a competition held at the University of Warwick. My ability to produce complex and erudite written arguments has been enhanced by studying English at AS Level. I have found that studying psychology has also helped given me a greater insight into the human mind, which has served me well not only when debating but also when attempting to understand the thought processes of great individuals in history.

Having a knowledge of the past has added a new dimension to my travels around the world. Recently, for example, I visited India. My enjoyment of this visit was enhanced by reading up on India’s history before my trip, and then taking every opportunity available to me to link this reading to what I saw and experienced. In fact, I chose to combine my interest in history with another passion of mine, yoga, and took the opportunity both before and during my visit to learn as much as possible about the history of this discipline, considering it not just from the perspective of its development, but also the social and cultural roles it has occupied in India’s past.

My passion for yoga goes beyond having a curiosity about its past. I regularly attend yoga sessions, and through being involved in yoga I took up a volunteer position at my local yoga studio. The role has been a fun way of helping to inform interested members of the public about yoga, helping to improve my communication skills in the process. I often also work at the offices of my family’s business, carrying out tasks such as contacting customers, ensuring that orders have been delivered on time and handling suppliers. Last summer I also worked as a waitress. One of the reasons I really enjoyed this role was because it was the first time I had worked in a job as part of a team with other people of my age, and I discovered that working with others in this way can be very satisfying.

I would certainly describe myself as a sporty person. In addition to my appetite for yoga, I have a taste for sports that create an adrenaline rush, such as wakeboarding, in which I have also helped to instruct others, and snowboarding. However, I certainly have a more cerebral and serene side to my personality. Reading books has always been an important part of my life; I go through different phases as to the genres I enjoy, but at present I have been immersing myself in the biographies of musicians, which has proved to offer an interesting perspective on the history of the music industry. I have also been playing the trumpet for several years and have played at several school concerts. My love of music extends to festivals, and I have attended Glastonbury several times in the past.