Finance Personal Statement Examples

Finance Personal Statement Examples My desire to take the MSc course in Finance at LSE stems from my keen ambition to pursue a career as a financial consultant and advisor. I am convinced this course will allow me to ultimately achieve this goal by vastly expanding my knowledge of financial productions; the complex functioning of financial markets; and investment banking. My decision to apply to study at LSE is due to the university’s record of academic excellence and its ability to equip students with the skills of critical analysis essential to becoming leaders in their chosen sectors, as well as its location at the heart London, thus providing good links with the world of business and finance and enhancing opportunities for personal and professional development. Finally, I am also drawn to the course’s holistic approach of offering a balance between theoretical and practical modules.


My background in accounting has provided me with an excellent basis from which to start my advanced studies in Finance. My strong numerical skills have led me to successfully complete a course in accounting, which has enabled me to find work in management accounting and reporting roles in financial firms. Over the course of my studies I discovered that the area of greatest interest to me was my module in Strategic Financial Management, which introduced me to financial products and concepts such as equities, derivatives, fixed income and bonds, along with their significance in financial markets. I am now a qualified accountant where my existing work experience has further exposed me to the financial industry, while also helping me to identify a core element of my career aspirations by making me increasingly aware of my desire to become more involved in strategic decision-making processes. In my current position as Associate at Deloitte, I work within the project management team in a decision support capacity. My duties include ensuring project deliverables are met within the projected cost, time and quality standards. This post has honed my ability to work and pressure and time constraints, and to meet urgent and conflicting deadlines. As a flexible individual I am able to adapt quickly to a fast-paced and challenging environment where systems, processes and procedures can change at short notice.


I keep abreast of developments and trends in the financial market through my subscriptions to various media platforms including the Financial Times, the Economist and Bloomberg. This keeps my knowledge of financial news up-to-date and relevant in a modern context. My hobbies include travelling, watching movies and documentaries, reading and staying informed of current affairs. I am also a sports enthusiast: I follow tennis, football, boxing and Formula One racing. In terms of qualities, my ambition to attain a high level of knowledge is a defining personal characteristic. My zeal is complemented by my intuition, focus and self-discipline, all of which drive me to achieve results in any activity I take part in. I value and respect the input and opinions of others, making me an excellent team-player, while also being fully able to work independently and with minimal supervision. I believe these competencies will prove useful in developing my potential as a finance analyst, as well as helping me to excel in my academic performance.


In the long term, my aspirations are to own a reputable financial consulting firm in my home country (Nigeria) which will provide a range of financial services to companies and public institutions alike. I believe this can be achieved by years of experience, building the right contacts, and through personal determination. I believe that holding an MSc from LSE would better qualify me to manage corporate, strategic and financial opportunities. Furthermore, I would have the opportunity to learn from talented professors, while competing with the very best of graduates. For these reasons, I perceive this course to be a crucial step in allowing me to attain my goals.


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