Events Personal Statement

As an ambitious and target-driven individual, I have proven myself adept at providing leadership and management in a range of recruitment and customer driven management roles across various industries. I have consistently demonstrated an ability in each of these to adopt a creative approach to managing teams and events, which has enabled me to create and maintain strong network databases and contacts who have consistently provided me with reliable and hardworking staff. I am currently seeking a new professional challenge that makes the most of this progressive approach to my career while also offering avenues for further development.  

In my current role as Recruiter, I take ultimate responsibility for all aspects the company’s performance from customer service, admin organisation, staff management, recruitment and paperwork. I am heavily networked and by focusing on strong communication between colleagues, clients and customers, I have managed to maintain and exceed all targets and duties while adhering to existing systems and improving them wherever possible and appropriate


As my CV demonstrates, this same proactive approach to management has allowed me an equally successful career in my role as Stage Manager. Having been given the opportunity to work on a high profile project at the opening and closing ceremonies for the Commonwealth games, I achieved success with the company in my role by ensuring the smooth running of the events.


This role relied on my maintaining morale within, and communication between, the staff, which I did through implementing organised systems to ensure a consistent, proactive approach to event management. It has given me the confidence and ability to proactively network and establish effective working relationships.


Organisation is also key to my success and allows me to have control in the role am in. Despite my ability to lead and organise, I am also very motivated to be part of a team and assist other managers whenever necessary. I am always willing to attribute volunteer in any task or situation, which requires assistance whether it be mundane or challenging to achieve task completion.


As a determined, driven individual, I have always held myself to the same high standards I have expected in my staff and have worked hard to gain the skill and knowledge needed to exceed expectations in each role I have held. I am now looking for an opportunity to continue growing and developing in my career, building on this proactive attitude to bring my creative approach to problem solving and consistent approach to meeting targets to a new professional challenge.


I am aware of the importance of conducting myself in a professional and appropriate manner in any situation that arises. I have a personal sense of responsibility, which ensures that I am respectful, organised, presentable and always punctual.

I possess a Strong learning drive and ability and am seeking a career, which will enable me growth in a fast-paced working environment. I thrive with new challenges and competition, which work to heighten my creativity. I am particularly highly and possess good business understanding, which I have been able to implement in my past job roles. My motivation is a consequence of my commitment to continuous improvement in whatever I do.


In regards to my personality, I am a motivated, hardworking and trustworthy. I am often referred to as being diligent due to my strong work ethic and my desire to succeed. I feel that I am able to work with people from any part of society with ease and enjoy meeting new people.


I also feel that I have many transferable skills such as communication, leadership and people skills, which are essential in most career paths. These skills have been achieved through experience and hard work. Proof of these achieved skills can be seen from the success in my academic results, work experience and achievements. I am currently seeking improvement in my career and aim to find a job role, which is as suited to me as I am to it. I feel ready to accept a new challenge and to immerse myself in achieving success in the role I find.


Hopefully this Events sample personal statement will be of use to you.