Economics Personal Statement

Born in the UK to Nigerian parents, my visits to sub-Saharan Africa and various parts of the Western world have left me with a very tangible impression of the financial imbalance between the two. Observing such disparity has been a motivating factor in my desire to gain a deeper understanding of the forces that drive the world’s economy. I remember, as a child, asking my father why Nigeria could not simply print more money in order to be rich as Britain. His response touched on micro and macroeconomics and how these influence monetary and fiscal policies. This discussion formed the basis of my passion for economics, as I wanted to properly explore the workings of these policies and comprehend why some countries seem unable to apply them to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of their people. To keep myself abreast of the competitive field that I have chosen, one that is constantly in flux, I subscribe to relevant journals including ‘The Economist’ and ‘The Economic Naturalist’ and read pertinent sections of national newspapers. I also endeavour to follow economic issues through the television and online, finding much to interest me across areas including the housing market and the global recession. I have always been possessed of an extraordinary enthusiasm for maths and derive great satisfaction from problem-solving. The analytical abilities that mathematics has instilled in me have proved invaluable in enhancing my appreciation of the numerical aspects of economics. In order to build on them, I recently participated in a course honing critical-thinking skills and logic. I also entered the notorious Senior Maths Challenge, emerging with the silver award. My enjoyment of this project was such that I went on to compete in an online challenge as a ‘student investor’; I simulated playing the stock market by researching and buying fictional shares, employing great discipline and initiative. Supported by such extended intellectual exercise, my academic credentials are impressive and I received a commendation for my outstanding GCSE results. Dedicated though I am to excellence (I intend to re-sit an examination for AS-level Economics, as neither I nor my teachers believe that a ‘B’ grade reflects my true potential) I have balanced my time with contributing to the wider life of my school, in roles including peer mentor. My communicative nature and excellent interpersonal skills helped to put younger students at ease during our tutoring sessions. I also cooperate with others in a team through my membership of the school’s rugby squad, an involvement that has sharpened my competitive drive. My dedicated approach to every task I undertake also applies to such notorious challenges as the Duke of Edinburgh awards.


A proactive and conscientious individual, whilst still in lower school I organised and undertook a work experience placement with Virgin Media. I involved myself in meetings where advertising strategies were discussed and (being a fast learner) was later able to utilise the presentation skills that I observed there in my role as physics prefect, delivering pupils’ improvement suggestions to the school authority. Similarly, I sat on the school’s charity committee in the role of leader of finance and am interested to see how the skills I learned will prove useful or be tested by a new online challenge that I am undertaking. It requires the competitor to take on the role of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee and I have in fact considered pursuing a career within an investment bank, where I could make positive impacts on the economy. A government position also holds appeal, as policy formulation and development are areas that highly interest me. Whatever course I set for myself, I am dedicated to success and see enrolling at your prestigious university as the crucial next step, enabling me to expand my knowledge base, develop expertise and prepare myself for a future containing many further and higher achievements.


Hopefully this Economics Personal Statement sample will provide help for students applying to university with writing a personal statement.