Economics Personal Statement Sample

My interest in Economics and the world of Business is motivated by an increasing awareness that economic factors determine many events and developments in the human world, and a belief that the creation of wealth through commerce is good for everyone.  I have lived in third world countries during much of my life, where the importance of economic pressures is everywhere apparent, and the effects of economic change can be very striking.  I have considerable entrepreneurial and innovative ability myself, and have set up organisations at school and taken on a leading management role in a sports club, and my ambitions for the future centre on management, running a financial consultancy, acting as a broker, or working in government.  Like George Orwell, one of my favourite authors, I believe that it is impossible, or at least irresponsible, to ignore the political dimension in human affairs, and that economic activity must always have a political context or significance. I think it is impossible to understand economic conditions in the modern world without understanding how they came about, which in turn means understanding the historical events which have produced them and the cultural context in which they have formed. My own involvement in the world of Business and Economics has included a number of work experience placements.  This summer I worked as a trainee in a restaurant in France, where I noted the importance of cash flow in the day-to-day running of a firm.  I also spent a week with a public relations firm, learning much about how they set up a campaign.  For the past two years I have been marketing director for ELI Africa, a Yale-affiliated NGO designed to improve the education of underprivileged children in Mauritius.  I organize events to raise funds and improve awareness of the company, and I have drawn up marketing plans and presented them formally, which has given me good training in clear communication and careful preparation of a case.  My interest in combat sports led me to set up the “Elite Boxing Club” in 2010, which is now recognized by the official federation.  I train athletes, recruit members as well as managing the finances, and my entrepreneurial instincts have found great fulfilment in handling the element of risk involved in running the venture.  My originality and skill in getting things done have been evident at school as well, where I set up the Upper Sixth Common Room by inspiring others to support the plan through presentations and petitions.  I was also founder of a debating club as well as a Model United Nations committee, for which I am organizing a trip to Dubai next year.  Playing the lead in Romeo and Juliet furthered my ability to work in a team and called for total reliability and unlimited energy and commitment.

Much of my reading is devoted to works on Politics and Economic. I am very impressed by J.L.Gaddis, whose historical accounts of the Cold War have opened up quite new approaches to such recent history.  His We Know Now allowed me to see the past from a new perspective.  How countries have been managed through history is of deep interest to me, and particularly the ways that economic factors have changed the course of events at the highest level.  The west “won” the Cold War because the Soviet Union could not afford to go on with it. The economic model which governed the communist world was faulty.  I admire Deng’s understanding of the need for economic change for modern China to prosper, and wonder how far this can continue without leading to real political change.  I am also interested in the provocative thoughts of the fiscal conservative Ron Paul, who sees the American political system as “dysfunctional”.

I am articulate, a good motivator of others, persuasive in debate, and courageous in the face of entrepreneurial risk.  I am filled with real intellectual curiosity about my subject, and look forward eagerly to exploring all of these ideas in my degree course.


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