Economics Personal Statement

  My ambition to study for a degree in the area of business economics has developed out of a natural aptitude for mathematics and a deep enjoyment of the sort of intellectual challenges posed in mathematical problems, combined with a growing interest in economics, which I have studied as part of my A-level programme.  It is a very exciting time to be an economist, with the 2008 crash still having the most powerful effects on western economies, and the debt problems of capitalist countries threatening financial and even political stability.  I am very interested in the forces which can bring about such changes so quickly, and I should like to explore the ways in which such events might be forecast in the future and perhaps forestalled.  At the same time my experience in sport, expeditions and school organisations has made it clear to me that I have many of the qualities which are essential in the successful manager – a real enjoyment of team work, natural ability as a leader and great determination.  My ultimate aim is to be able to work in a large global organisation where I could put my expertise in mathematics and economics to good use, perhaps in industry or even the army.  I am particularly interested in the area of human resource management and the ways it can enhance general management performance, and I am keen to develop an understanding of human behaviour within organisations as well as learning about HR practices and procedures.  I am also interested in financial resource management, and the analysis and interpretation of financial data, and I should like to explore methods of preparing the financial statements and information which are central to successful business practice, as well as the techniques for evaluating risk.  Marketing is another important area to which I feel drawn, particularly the role of analysis and planning in the marketing process.

My experience at school and elsewhere has taught me much about the qualities needed for success in any enterprise.  In 2009 I worked as a volunteer at the Modern Pentathlon World Championships, which gave me the opportunity to observe the drive, determination and self-belief which gave power and motivation to the athletes, and helped me to recognise such qualities in my own temperament.  I have rowed for my school for the last 5 years, always in the 1st Eight, competing at the highest level, including the National Schools Regatta and, this year, the Henley Regatta.  Confronting the best competitors in a sport has been a first-rate course in the importance of dedication, training and planning – the requirements of any top manager.  Earlier this year I took part in the Grim Challenge run, raising money for “Help for Heroes”, another event which calls for grit and determination.  Despite being the youngest competitor in the field I finished in the first few.  As part of the World Wide Challenge I spent a month this year in Ecuador, trekking, climbing a volcano and carrying out community projects, where my practical and organisational skills, and above all my abilities as a team worker and as a leader, were exercised to their utmost.  Team work has again been central in my membership of the school CCF, where it has become clear to me that this is the ingredient which allows ordinary people to find the best in themselves and produce extraordinary results.

I am always keen to keep abreast of developments in my subject area and read the Times and the Financial Times as well as Director magazine.   I enjoyed Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s book Freakonomics, which made me realise that the answers to economic problems might well come from the most unexpected sources.  I am very hard-working, academically able and always give my best efforts to anything I undertake to do.  I am focused, determined, a team player as well as a team leader.  My commitment to my subject is total and I believe I have the qualities needed to become a very successful undergraduate.



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