Dentistry Personal Statement

The knowledge and compassion necessary to work within the medical profession have been apparent to me from a young age. Observing the care offered to my mother has fostered a great admiration for those who have helped her and a drive to play a similar role in other’s lives. It was observing the professionalism of the dentists who offered my younger brother emergency treatment after an accident, however, that inspired me to pursue a career in the field. The unique combination of compassion, precision and skill appeals to both my desire to help others and my aptitude for intellectually, physically and technically challenging tasks. My ambitions within the field have led to me focusing on science subjects at school, particularly Biology and Chemistry. I have achieved A and B passes at Higher Level in both and I am currently studying both at Advanced Higher Level. These subjects have offered an excellent foundation for further study, increasing my knowledge of the human body and allowing me to gain the practical skills to carry out laboratory work.

Alongside academic study I have worked hard to gain employment experience, which has given me an excellent sense of what working within Dentistry entails. I have already undertaken weekend work experience at a state dental surgery within the Buchanan Centre in Coatbridge and have arranged several return visits over the next year. Observing the dentists at work provided insight into a range of procedures that I hope to assist with in the future. To broaden my knowledge of the healthcare profession I have also undertaken work experience in a local doctor’s surgery, shadowing a GP and observing the importance of communication between patient and healthcare professional. This also offered an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the internal workings of a busy health centre, and the administrative and management tasks that are also associated with the field. Volunteer work with the ALMA group, working alongside adults with physical and mental handicaps, and assisting with the care of a terminally, elderly ill gentleman have honed my ability to communicate and demonstrated that I have the ability and motivation to undertake rewarding work in a caring capacity.

Outside of my interests in Dentistry and the medical profession I am equally dedicated to a range of activities. I am a keen sportsman, regularly enjoying football, running and cycling, as well as possessing a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Each of these has taught me a great deal about self-discipline, stamina and teamwork. I also enjoy playing the drums, improving my manual dexterity and co-ordination through regular practice. Having won Scottish championships at Under-15 and Under-16 levels in Chess I am passionate about the game and its focus on logical problem solving and creative thinking. Balancing these interests with school commitments, such as my responsibilities as Vice-Captain and Social Convener, my involvement with the paired learning scheme in science subjects and my work towards my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, as well as part time work in café and retail environments, has also honed my time management skills, ensuring that I can offer a consistent performance across each of these roles.

As a strong, motivated student, I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for further study in dentistry. The combination of intellectual ability and a compassionate nature I have exhibited throughout my school, employment and voluntary careers shows that I have the aptitude and drive to make a real contribution in further study and beyond.


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