Dentistry Personal Statement

Dentistry as a career contains, for me, two most attractive elements.  It is based in some complex and intriguing science, which appeals to my intellectual curiosity, but it also involves very close human contact and offers the opportunity to use my expertise to improve people’s lives, by alleviating pain and even by improving their appearance and thus giving them the confidence to live more fully.  My work experience placements in dental surgeries have made it very clear to me that the rapport between dentist and patient is an essential element in the success of treatment.  The dentist can even save the lives of his patients by detecting medical conditions which might not have presented themselves fully until much later. The technology of modern dentistry is impressive, and I find pleasure in the demand for manual dexterity and the opportunity to go beyond diagnosis into practical action in treating one’s patients.  Furthermore, with an aging population, I believe that oral health is likely to become an increasingly important issue, and the dentist can make a major contribution to people’s ability to live a longer, healthier life. I have undertaken work placements at two dental surgeries, one NHS practice and one private.  It was exciting to work in the real world in which I hope to spend my career and taught me much about methods and procedures.  I observed the dentists giving various treatments, including extractions, x-rays, fillings (including the rather problematic amalgam type), taking moulds, adjusting false teeth and doing general check ups.  At the private practice I saw dentists applying and removing braces, making a temporary crown, inserting composite fillings and making coloured tooth restorations.  I was also treated there myself, so I had very first-hand experience of the dentists’ expertise.  The practice also employed an orthodontist, who demonstrated to me how cosmetic dentistry can really transform people’s lives.  On a trip to Pakistan I visited a local health centre where I observed medical and dental treatments and came to understand how important education is in maintaining our health. Even in the UK there is a huge incidence of gum disease, with its threat to the stability and durability of teeth, mainly as a result of ignorance about the condition and how to avoid it.

I have also worked in a pharmacy, which was interesting for a keen chemistry student like myself, and also involved some skill in communicating with customers and working as a member of a team.  I have done a lot of charity work, such as serving in a charity shop, helping at the local community centre with Bingo for the elderly, and working at holiday sports camps organising and supervising teams of young children.  These activities have all given me insight into the lives of people whose experience has been very different from my own, and taught me much about interaction and communication.  I am a St John Ambulance Corps member, which has taught me about healthcare and improved my confidence in helping people.

I have led a very active life at school.  I am Head Boy of the school, with responsibilities for public speaking, leadership, and the coordination of the prefectorial system.  I took part in Channel 4’s “Big Art Project”, working alongside people of all ages and positions to produce the programme.  In 2010 I was given a “Young Achiever” Award, acknowledging my dedication and my contribution to making my town and community more dynamic, healthy and caring. I relax by doing judo, in which I hold a yellow belt, and I play for the college football team.

I am academically able, hard-working and always determined to complete any task I am set.  I work well as part of a team, but also have the confidence in my own judgement to be able to work happily on my own.  I find that I can interact well with people of many different ages and backgrounds. My commitment to my subject is total, and I hope you will consider my application.


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