Computer Science Personal Statement

I have a natural aptitude for mathematics and have always enjoyed working with numbers.' It was my most successful and satisfying school subject, and I very much want to continue to use my talents in undertaking a Computer Science degree course.' My ability in maths led me to enter a number of competitions, both in my homeland and in the UK, and I hold certificates of success from all of these events.' The great appeal of mathematics for me is its power to solve problems, and I am fully aware that IT is the logical extension of this power. I had the good fortune at my previous college to be taught by a university professor who also taught PhD students in computer science, which inspired me and gave me a good idea of what the subject involves.' I believe that my powers of creative thinking, my analytical skill in solving mathematical problems, my ability to communicate ideas, and my personal determination are all guarantees that I should make a success of a degree course in this field. The course attracts me because of the promise of both theoretical and practical hands-on components.' I am interested in programming languages, the construction of hardware, the design and engineering of networks, software design, and the associated tools and packages.' I hope to learn about how to construct and evaluate systems.' At the same time I know that a computer science course will develop many other sorts of skills which are immediately transferable ' working in a team, clear communication, time management and the way to present information to an audience.' The subject calls for creativity and adaptability and of course an alert attitude to technological change.

At present my strongest interest is in bioinformatics.' The explosion of information emerging from recent research in molecular biology and from work on the human genetic system can really only be exploited profitably if it is systematised so that researchers can review material.' It is clear that only computer power can solve the problem by establishing data bases and offering links between numerous information sources.' New programmes and systems will need to be designed by tomorrow's computer engineers to extend the range of this material and store biological information. The idea of 'database-mining' will require search devices of great power and diversity, but the rewards for both the biologist and the computer engineer will be immense.' I should very much like to make my contribution to this exciting future.

After graduation I should like to work for a top-ranking company such as Microsoft, gain experience of the field and of working practices, and then set up my own IT company. I know that employers will be interested in the technical and the transferable skills I shall acquire and that employment prospects are very promising.' I am very determined and have a clear idea of my final goal.' I have done much research in the subject in preparation for an advanced course, studying JAVA and keeping abreast of new developments in the media.

I am academically able and have the use of several languages (my native Azeri, advanced Persian and sound Arabic, English and Turkish), which I know is a great asset for working in an increasingly international and globalized world. Outside the classroom I have numerous interests.' I am an able swimmer and represented my college in the sport.' I play chess to competition level, and captained my college team, participating in a national tournament in Tehran recently.' I am sure that chess calls for the same sorts of modes of thought as computing does ' creative, inventive, numerate and strategic.' I am also a great fan of Iranian traditional music.

I believe that I have the essential ability, and certainly the enthusiasm, to succeed in a computer science course.' I am hard-working, keen to learn, fascinated by my chosen subject and very appreciative of the teaching I receive.' I hope you will consider my application.

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