Business Studies Personal Statement

Aware of the integrated processes that ensure the successful functioning of my parent’s property business, I have grown up with a sense of the challenges and rewards that working within business can offer. As a hardworking student with a positive attitude towards communication and teamwork, it is these challenges and rewards will continue to inspire me in further study and beyond. I have focused my studies around my ultimate ambition of running my own international business, performing strongly in Spanish and Business Studies at GCSE and A-Level. My interest in people, a business’ most important asset, manifests itself in the study of Psychology, as does my passion for sport in PE. Alongside solid grades in the field, these subjects have taught a great deal about the process of studying; honing my ability to structure my own timetable, work within deadlines, and communicate in leadership or group roles. Focusing on the study of Spanish, in addition to fluency in English and Serbian, reflects my international ambitions and awareness of the importance of good communication to a successful business.

Observing the running of a property business throughout my life, I have gained numerous insights into the processes involved in conceiving and implementing a business plan. By taking part in, meetings and negotiations and overseeing projects, I have had substantial opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical context. Having spent last Christmas in Spain, a valuable chance to improve my fluency within the language, I was afforded the opportunity to work within a family friend’s business, seeking out furniture, dealing with local businesses and experiencing working within an international context. A work experience placement at the Gucci press offices in June 2010 demonstrated the importance of marketing; tasked, as I was, with composing spreadsheets and monitoring press. I am perhaps most proud, however, of the work I have undertaken with my uncle in Serbia over the last two summers. By playing an integral role in taking over a failing business and building it into a renewed success, currently exporting fruit juices, jams and frozen foods across Europe, I liased with local councils to gain planning permission for a warehouse, built relationships with local and international businesses, as well as continually working both from Serbia and the UK to drive sales.

Outside of my interests in business I am a dedicated sportsman. I have trained seriously in both rugby and football and have achieved a level of success in both. I represent my school rugby team at first team and National 7’s level, while I am captain of the football team and have been an academy player at Fulham and Brentford. The responsibilities of captaincy taught me the importance of communication and teamwork, and honed my leadership abilities and ability to present verbal information in public. I would relish an opportunity to combine my passion for sport with my interest in business, utilising my knowledge in weight training and other techniques to start a series of gyms for athletes wishing to train at a professional level. I also have a keen interest in the arts, particularly enjoying Serbian literature, as well as a passion for travel that has taken me across Europe, the USA, Canada and Russia.

As my academic and work records suggest, I am a dedicated individual with the drive to achieve my goals. It is in those areas about which I am most passionate, however, where my successes are most obvious. It is the same passion for business that I have observed in my own family, and that continually inspires me to gain ever more knowledge, be it through a subscription to Business Monthly, the business pages of the newspaper, or related biographies, that will ensure I approach undergraduate study, and my future career, with the positive, engaged attitude that has sustained me thus far.


Hopefully this Business Studies personal statement sample will provide a helpful guide to relevant content and structure for your own personal statement.