Business Studies Personal Statement

For several years now I have been fascinated by the workings of enterprise; it amazes me how some individuals have the drive, the determination and the know-how to turn a single idea into a worldwide business empire, or take a failing company and turn it into a leader in its field. Of course, to be able to achieve such feats it is essential to understand how businesses and the economy work. Through completing a degree in business studies, I hope to acquire the skills and knowledge that will allow me to prosper in a variety of business settings, from working in a demanding management position to running my own company or working on a self-employed basis. So long as there is a market economy there will always be a demand for highly competent people with business skills; I intend, through studying, to become one of those people. To prepare myself from an academic point of view for studying a business degree, I am currently studying a Foundation programme at INTO City University. The course has been a fantastic opportunity to gain a complete grounding in sound academic practices, and the courses that I have been studying in economics, business, accounting and mathematics have been indispensable. These four subject areas are all central to a business studies degree, and studying them as part of the programme has helped improve my understanding of them no end. I now have a solid understanding of the principles of economics, accountancy, management and marketing, as well as the numerical skills to be able to carry out complex statistical analysis. I have supplemented my studies through reading business books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I have very much enjoyed the work experiences that I have had so far in a business environment. Recently, for example, I worked as a secretary at a metal recycling company, with my duties extending into the areas of office management and acting as a personal assistant to one of the company’s directors. Through the post I learnt that it is essential for there to be an efficient flow of information between the different departments of a company to prevent costly misunderstandings and unnecessary duplication of work. I also became aware of the importance of a business maintaining excellent external relations with its clients, so as to ensure that productive business relationships continue and can be strengthened in the future. From a personal point of view this work experience was highly worthwhile as it taught me a range of skills that are essential for professional life. I learnt how to read documents and process paperwork quickly and efficiently; I learnt how to work to deadlines and establish working priorities; I had the opportunity to practice building professional relationships with others; I came to appreciate the value of teamwork.

One of my favourite hobbies has also, in its own way, taught me much about the world of business. I am a dog lover, and I like to enter my dog into shows. There are many parallels between entering a dog show and working in the business world. For example, it is essential to be pragmatic, in this case through developing strategies that show off the best traits of the dog and hide its shortcomings. It is also very important to do a lot of research on the judgement criteria that will be used in the contest, and even if possible on your competitors, and to use this information to maximize your chances of success. And like with business world, putting in this hard work can pay off; I took first prize in my last show, and look forward to building on this success in the next competition.

For me, work experience, study and hobbies all represent an opportunity to fulfil my potential. I am a highly ambitious and hard-working person, and I believe that as a result of these qualities I will be highly suited to corporate life. I also believe that I am a creative and original person, and my approach to life will likewise be welcomed in the business world.