Business Management Personal Statement

I have been surrounded by business and trading matters since my childhood.  Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, and it is very much my ambition to follow in their footsteps and become a successful businessman myself.  I appreciate, however, that the world of business is changing rapidly, and that the methods and skills of my parents' generation are no longer the only requirements in the modern world.  IT has made enormous differences to commerce, offering consumers much more information about what they are buying, and making them increasingly aware of value and quality.  It is also making the production and distribution process more efficient, and allowing accounting and financial arrangements to be made more rapidly and accurately. Globalisation means that the enterprise of the future will have to be much more aware of cultural differences and the way that markets operate in other countries.  My ambition is to work in the car sales and servicing sector, like my father, even devising my own brand if possible.  There are many challenges for the businessman of the future, but the prospects are exciting and promising. I know that I need to learn much more about business and management if I am to succeed in this world.  I should like to explore how competitiveness, growth and sustainability can be achieved in different economies, and how to work with multi-cultural groups, both in the workplace and in the market. What differences do social behaviour, and attitudes towards morality and the way people perceive themselves make to their behaviour as purchasers, and how can one plan to deal with these factors? An understanding of human resource management is essential.  Marketing skills are very important, too, and I should like to study how analysis, planning and control work to promote a product.  How do financial markets work, and what are the central principles of accounting procedure?  Government policies and tax systems are key factors in planning too.  I find all of these subjects of the highest interest.

I have worked as a salesman in my father's vehicle company, which was a very instructive experience, and taught me that there can be no half measures in meeting your customers’ needs.  Customers who are investing a lot of money in a major purchase such as a car must be treated and respected as individuals and not just as business associates.  The entrepreneur needs to have real faith in what he sells.  I think that my most important virtue is my honesty, and I want very much to deal openly and fairly with customers, not just because this is the most efficient way to persuade them to buy, but to maintain my own self-respect.  If I do manage to produce my own brand of car it will involve an emotional commitment and a guarantee of quality and performance.  Success can only really come from selling something that is worth its price.

My mother tongue is Chinese, and my English is rapidly developing.  In an international trading world I believe that languages are an essential tool of today’s man of business. I have inherited qualities of leadership from my parents, and also the courage to rely on my own judgement and act accordingly.  My ability as a leader was evident at school, where I was made captain of the school basketball team.  My philosophy is that nothing is impossible, and that real effort and determination can achieve anything. I am prepared to take risks and am not afraid of the possibility of failure, because the chance I take might lead on to triumph.  I am hard working and ambitious, academically able, and very clear sighted about the future and the challenges presented by a career in the business world.  Above all I am ambitious and very determined, with a strong belief in the virtue and efficacy of hard and persistent work.  I feel confident that with a degree in business and management I shall have the essential background for a successful career, and I hope you will consider my application.



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