Business, Management and Marketing Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in business, management and marketing has developed out of a keen interest in the world of trading and commerce and what I believe is an instinctive ability as an entrepreneur.  Even at school with a friend I set up and ran a business selling sweets to my fellow pupils, which was organised and managed with some professionalism, and later I ran a small home-based business selling nutrition products to gyms and health shops locally.  The psychology of customers is a real source of interest for me, and I am eager to learn more about how to analyse markets and discover the sources of customer satisfaction.  I am also aware of the importance of such areas as research and design of products, the need to be innovative and alert to changes in the market and in what people want.  As a manager one has to deal with a wide range of issues, economic, financial, human and legal, and I feel that I have the initiative and the acumen to succeed in this field, as well as the analytical ability and sheer determination which are essential qualities in the efficient businessman. My school sweet shop called for very careful business planning in its small way.  We had to ensure that there was stock at all times and work around the restraints of the school timetable.  We needed to avoid waste, partly by analysing sales and adjusting what we sold to the market.  We offered free trials of new sweets, which appealed because it involved little outlay for the customers but was very effective in persuading them to buy more.  Credit was offered on a weekly basis, so that financial control was important.  It was a very satisfying introduction to the world of business, particularly in the way it provoked questions about why people buy certain things.  My nutrition product business involved many of the same practices and considerations, but involved much greater start-up costs.  I had to invest in a lot of stock in order to be able to give tests and demonstrations in shops and gyms.  I oversaw every aspect of the business, including making sales calls, control of stock, budgeting, target selling, delivering, making personal contact with customers and making quick decisions while under pressure.  Both of my businesses were extremely successful, both financially and in terms of personal satisfaction, and confirmed for me that I have something of an innate ability in business management.

In 2010 I held a one-month internship at Brandcast Media in London, setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts for businesses and institutions.  I was quickly given increasing responsibility, which was evidence of the firm’s belief in my ability and trustworthiness.  This was a good introduction to the workings of an office and acting as part of a team and allowed me further to develop my interest in customer psychology.  At present I am working at Came & Co., parish council insurance brokers, where my role in the accounts department has allowed me to develop my numeracy skills immensely, as I work with figures most of the time, dealing with insurance premiums and policy adjustments.  I have learnt much about how a business functions, and I believe the firm have found me an excellent and dependable employee.  By the second month my renewal documents were no longer checked before they were sent out, which was evidence of my efficiency and the trust the firm had in me.

I keep abreast of developments in my field by reading stories in the media, and I have enjoyed books such as Geoff Burch’s Irresistible Persuasion, with its fascinating account of how you can persuade people to do almost anything!  I also read Carley Garner’s A Trader’s First Book on Commodities, largely because I am very interested in why people take risks on such a scale.

Outside my business interests I lead a busy life.  I am a keen sportsman, enjoying rugby, squash, athletics, cricket and judo. I was captain of my rugby 7s team at school, organising fitness sessions and maintaining morale and motivation.  I was school boarding house representative for the gym, dealing with all issues connected with fitness and offering advice on nutrition and weight-lifting techniques.  I thus gained useful skills in time management and communication with others. Earlier this tear I travelled to South America, and while in Peru I completed the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, a gruelling expedition which is I believe testimony to my determination.

I am hard-working, full of energy and very enthusiastic about my goals.  I enjoy working as part of a team but have the confidence in my own ability and judgement to be equally happy acting alone.  I never attempt to cut corners or find a “quick fix” for a task I am set. I believe I am something of a perfectionist, as well as being resourceful, a good leader and at the same time very approachable.  My commitment to my subject and my future career is total, and I have the qualities needed to make a very successful undergraduate.



Hopefully this Business, Management and Marketing personal statement example is a helpful guide to students applying to university.