Biomedical Science Personal Statement

I have always found the workings of the human body extremely intriguing: its ability to fight disease and repair itself is one of the great miracles of nature. It was my study of Huntington's Disease for my AS Biology coursework which focused my interest; the complexity of the human brain, and the concept that one faulty gene can cause such devastating problems, appealed to my keen interest in the complex responses of the body to threats. Huntington's has never been cured, and its nuances present a real challenge to medicine. Reading "Huntington's disease: The Facts", a text aimed at sufferers and their carers, gave an insight into disease management. Along with my reading around Minocycline, a drug tested to improve symptoms and longevity of sufferers, I gained a rounded understanding of the disease and ultimately would like to go into research for a new drug to help people with this condition. This degree would be an excellent pathway into genetic disease research as a career. I have studied Chemistry and Biology with Maths and Psychology at AS-Level, and this immersion in a broad discipline confirmed my genuine interest. The strong grounding in all workings of the human body, and its responses to threats and medicines, covered by a Biomedical Sciences degree would give me an excellent basis to conduct research in future. I am also keen to develop the practical laboratory skills which are required of scientists working towards disease prevention. The opportunity to undertake an individual project appeals to my independent work ethic and I am already drawn to research into neuroscience and related diseases. The opportunity to experience other potential work settings, both clinical and industrial, would be invaluable for me.

My varied life experiences have given me flexibility and good communication skills. Living in Sweden and the USA meant moving schools a lot and I had to learn to adapt to new situations and cultures, such as attending the international school in Stockholm. Being initially unable to speak Swedish, I was driven to learn it quickly and be able to communicate effectively with my peers. I have always been a proactive member of communities in which I have lived, at home and abroad. Taking on positions of responsibility in my schools has made me a rounded and responsible individual, and as I have grown older I have put these skills to use wherever possible. In America, before I was old enough to volunteer, I handmade and sold bookmarks for a local charity alongside studying for entrance to the 70th-ranked high school in the country, at which I gained a place. During Year 11 at my English school, I joined the yearbook and prom committees, as well as becoming a prefect and a goalkeeper for the netball team which came 2nd in the Hampshire trials. I have a strong competitive streak which inspires me to push myself; I worked in River Island alongside my AS-levels and still gained the grades I needed, despite the heavy workload. I love animals and recently completed a voluntary charity bungee jump for a local dog charity, having been inspired by my family rescue dog. I raised £200 and found it a testing yet rewarding experience. I am also proud to have gained an NCFE in Dress Making, as I have a creative side which thrives on productivity and practical skill.

The broad base of Biomedical Science, which incorporates elements of all the sciences and yet allows for specialisation in fascinating areas of research, is ideal for me. UK universities offer world-class training in this field, which would equip me with the knowledge to work or study abroad and fulfil my ambitions in future. Biomedical Science provides an ideal opportunity to specialise in health and disease, with broader opportunities than a Medicine pathway, and I would be keen to explore the possibilities open in the study of disease prevention and management through a demanding yet comprehensive course.


From all of us here, we hope this helps with your application process