Biochemistry Personal Statement

It was my grandfather’s illness that instilled in me the desire to work in medical research. His disease had been left undiscovered in its early stages and I realized that the technology used in cancer testing is still evolving, requiring further development to avoid losses to future victims and their families. After gaining my BSc in Biochemistry I will go on to further study before working in pharmaceutical research; it is my ultimate goal to start my own pharmaceuticals business in the next 20 years. Above all, I wish to make a tangible contribution to this industry and help save and improve lives by so doing.  

I have always been fascinated by the sciences, as reflected by my choice of Highers. Biology is enlightening in terms of human bodily functions and genetic programming; I am intrigued by the possibilities of DNA modification and would like to try and create new plant species in future to explore this. Physics and Chemistry have helped me to gain grounding in the fundamental structures within nature that underpin all science, as well as methodical problem-solving. I am keen to focus and deepen my knowledge in the area of biochemical interactions in living organisms; through understanding these chemical reactions we can create new compatible medicines and intervene in destructive interactions even in the most complex systems of our bodies. Pain and pain management is my chosen area of specialization and I read Pain Medicine and EJP journals regularly to extend my knowledge.


I have undertaken medical work experience placements in order to gain an understanding of medicine and pain management in practice. I led a student team at Taipei Medical University summer camp in 2009, and the effective communication and efficient organization required have since served me well in both my academic and extracurricular pursuits. It was very interesting to volunteer at Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital in Taipei, where I helped take blood pressure and administer medications to patients; I also enjoyed the opportunity to practice my Mandarin, through communication with staff and patients, as part of a multidisciplinary and dedicated team. I gained a sense of contrast in the British institutions at which I have volunteered since 2010, where I have taken roles entertaining elderly and disabled patients on the wards in both an Infirmary and a care home. The rewards of a simple game or conversation shared with someone in pain or need demonstrate the value of a profession which can minimize suffering through disease research, and I am therefore confident that I am on the right path to this end.


Alongside my Highers I have participated in the Glasgow Chinese School Academic Awards since 2004, gaining a string of Silvers for my achievement in learning Chinese, and I have also gained a SC-TOP Superior in Mandarin. Multilingualism imparts a unique insight into the value of breaking down communication barriers and demands both focus and academic ability, which will serve me well during my degree. I have represented my school in Badminton, winning a top ten ranking for the team, and made the Top 60 U17 badminton players in the Scottish National Junior rankings last year through winning both Gold and Silver medals in national competitions. I enjoy using my skills to teach beginners’ badminton at my school, where helping younger pupils achieve their potential has been both rewarding and beneficial in developing my leadership skills. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar and have taken part in the Glasgow Rising Star talent competition 2 years in a row.


I have always aimed high, and feel that I am ready for the challenges ahead of me through a combination of good humour, drive and dedication to achieving my goals. I am excited for the incomparable rewards of working in one of the most exciting and innovative fields possible: above all, the chance to make a real difference to the present and future lives of my fellow men.


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