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Architecture Personal Statement Example Architecture has always stood out as a natural career choice for me. I find it awe-inspiring yet remarkably achievable. Travelling to different countries and exploring their unique and varied architecture has heightened my interest and developed my desire to study the enticing world of architecture. I greatly enjoy cultural disciplines and make it a priority to travel in order to experience and learn about new cultures. As a part of this, II enjoy exploring current affairs and studying history. This contributes and influences passion for architecture. Studying architecture at university will teach me the required knowledge and skills to make informed decisions to achieve beautiful architecture that interacts with its surroundings and has a positive impact on the environment.

I have a keen and deep-rooted interest in progressing my studies further. Personally, I am particularly interested in architecture or business economics as course choices as both are areas in which I can explore the structure and workings that occur behind objects, structures organizations in the world.  I would like to expand and develop my knowledge in these areas to achieve my full potential and to achieve satisfaction in what I do.

As an individual, I am hardworking and quick to learn. I believe that I am easily adaptable and motivated by challenges.  I am also responsible and enthusiastic and find it easy to get on with people from all walks of life. I always aim to listen and to understand the viewpoints of others. I am a capable leader but also enjoy working well within a team when necessary.

I particularly thrive in new environments as I enjoy developing my cultural awareness and seeing new places, which is why studying in a British university will be perfect for me. I think it will broaden my horizons while providing me with the necessary skills such as Adaptability, creative thinking, and the application of technology to build a successful and challenging career.

My propensity to learn can be seen by the swift development of my IT skills where I achieved a Certificate in Digital competence. In addition, the languages I have learnt and my achievement of a recognized qualification and certificate highlight my learning capabilities in language competence. I am fluent in Romanian and English and am currently learning Spanish to a good level.

My logical mind is most geared towards analytics and decision-making. I am looking forward to the opportunity to engage wholeheartedly in a subject and Architecture and business and Economics are areas which I would strive in while provide me with everything I need to give me the best career opportunities. With regards to my personality; I am personable, enthusiastic and trustworthy. I am often referred to as being diligent due to my strong work ethic and desire to succeed. I have many transferable skills such as communication, leadership and number skills, which are essential in

I see the necessity for motivation, hard work, excellent social skills at university and even the ability to take carefully managed risks. This excited me and if I get the opportunity to study in England, I will have the desire to further learn and will be encouraged. This will further my determination to be successful at university.

It is my aim to go to university in order to obtain a bachelor degree in England. I am interested in a degree in Architecture or Business and Economics because I feel that these subjects will enhance my specific abilities and are most suited to me. I consider these subjects to be the best platform to showcase my skill set effectively, as there is a wide range of topics within each, which adhere to the area of education I feel most capable with and my specific interest. Ambitious and diligent, I always push myself to succeed in each new challenge that arises and approach each new role with skill and commitment. For these reasons, I feel that I am highly suited and capable of achieving a good result at university and am excited for the challenge ahead.

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