Adult Nursing Personal Statement

I have been int

ent on becoming a carer since I was a teenager. When I was only fourteen, I began to care for a family member. The experience impressed on me not only how difficult is it is to care for someone, listening to them and seeing to their every need, but how rewarding it is. But it was only when an immediate family member became ill and I would attend every hospital appointment with him that the tireless work of the nurses convinced me that I wish to become an adult nurse. I should like to work in the NHS so that anyone regardless of their circumstances may benefit from my care. I wish to study Adult Nursing so that I may gain the requisite knowledge and practical experience to fulfil my ambition. To prepare myself for the degree, I am studying Health and Social Care at the College of North West London, where I am learning the fundamentals of the British healthcare system and what will be required of me in my chosen career. I really enjoy Anatomy and Physiology classes, which I particularly forward to studying in greater depth in the Applied Biology module of the degree. I excel in the communications classes, for communicating clearly and confidently is a skill I have developed to a high degree in my working life and one which will serve me well in the practical part of the degree when I shall work closely with doctors and patients. The various assignments and seminars of the course have been great preparation for the academic side of the degree. I have become adept at making presentations, collaborating on projects with other students and organising my time for assignment deadlines.

Earlier, I received an excellent academic grounding at high school, after which I decided to pursue caring by volunteering with fellow students at an elderly care home for six months. I was responsible for seeing to the elderly residents' every need, helping them to eat, conversing with them, and going for walks with them. The experience taught me how to be organised, how to work with colleagues and most importantly the value of a friendly smile and a kind word. This knowledge and understanding of what patients need should stand me in good stead for the practical part of the degree.

After this experience, I moved from my native land to England, where I hoped to improve my English before embarking on my chosen profession. I initially worked as an au pair, in which role I looked after the children of a young family. I was responsible for nearly every aspect of their lives, from dressing them in the morning to helping them with homework in the evening. I watched them grow for two years, in which time I learned how to be attentive to people's needs throughout the day without tiring and that the people you care for can keep you cheerful just as much as you can keep them so.

More recently, I worked as a waitress in a lively, popular coffee shop, where I worked with and served people from around the world. Talking with customers and seeing to their needs made me even more sociable and cheerful than I was already, while the high-pressured nature of the work meant I had to be on my toes at all times and ready to act, which should be of great use to me when I come to work in a hospital.

Outside of work and the classroom, I love to go to the gym regularly, where I swim and participate in aerobics. I hope to organise aerobics classes with fellow nursing students on the degree, as it is important for nurses to be physically fit for their challenges as well as mentally alert. To keep up with developments in nursing, I read several journals regularly, including Nursing Times.

I have nursed this ambition since I was young and I have done everything I can to prepare myself for the demanding course and my future career. My study, my work and my care experience have equipped me with the requisite personal skills of a nurse. The course will provide me with the knowledge and experience to realise my dream and begin a lifelong career in nursing.

If you are considering applying to study Adult Nursing at university take a look at this example Adult Nursing Personal Statement for inspiration.