Gold Personal Statement



Senior Writing Specialist
Our Senior Writer Option will give you a writer with at least 20 years' of experience in academic applications.

The Directors Option is the highest level of service we offer. It offers unlimited changes during your service period and guaranteed excellence. The Directors Option also ensures that all writers have a minimum of 20 years' experience.

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Product Description

Professional Personal Statement Edits

Our Gold service offers thorough proof-reading and editing of your personal statement draft by professional writers. This means that though we won’t write new material, you have complete control over what you want your statement to look like and we can simply polish it, turning it into a grammatically high-quality final version that’s ready to send off.

This service includes:

  • One-to-one communication with a professional writer who will proof-read and analyse your draft personal statement.
  • Elimination of all linguistic errors and an editing of sentences and paragraphs to make them more powerful, persuasive and readable.
  • A fast turnaround time to ensure you meet UCAS and other application deadlines
  • A one-time edit option within a week of you receiving your edited statement from us.


If you’ve already written a draft of your personal statement, you may well be asking yourself the questions: How do I know whether it’s good enough? And how do I improve it so I can be more confident of getting a place on my course?


They’re both excellent questions, but unfortunately many students find it very difficult to get good answers to them. Most of the time teachers are too busy to properly assess their pupils’ personal statements, let alone be able to make corrections and improvements. And while parents are usually keen to help, they don’t always know what admissions tutors will be expecting to read.

Our Gold service, however, will not only provide you with the answers to these questions, but will also leave you with a statement that has been rigorously edited and substantially improved by our personal statement experts, all ready to be sent off to UCAS or your chosen university.

All you need to do is send us your statement draft and we will take care of the rest. After first picking analysing the substance of what your statement says, they will then elaborate the key areas of information about you contained in the statement, turning basic anecdotes into insightful points and weak statements of motivation into powerful ones. And every bit as much attention will be paid to the quality of the writing itself. In addition to eliminating any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar, our writers will also make sentences punchier, more concise and better expressed.